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The Community Support Program is designed to provide non-residential support services to individuals and families who may be in an abusive relationship, are seeking information surrounding issues of domestic violence and/or are pursuing healthier lifestyle changes. Services may be received in person, by telephone, or with a single visit. Services are available as long as assistance is required, and you don’t need a referral to have access to this program.

The Community Support Program is free for all community members and provides the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge of community resources. Participants are given the opportunity to learn new skills while recognizing that they are not alone.

The Community Support Program provides confidentiality for all individuals. Education programs are facilitated within schools and public institutions.

Referrals can include, but are not limited to:

  • Victim Services
  • Medical services
  • Social Services
  • Education programs
  • Life skills programs
  • Parenting Programs
  • Community support groups
  • Employment services
  • Food Banks
  • Housing services

Cold Lake Community Support Program Contact

Community Support Worker
[email protected]

Community Support Worker
[email protected]

Bonnyville Community Support Program Contact

Community Support Worker

Orbiting Trends

Orbiting Trends is a second hand store owned and operated by the DMSCC. We utilize community donations by recycling them to benefit clients of the women’s shelter. All proceeds from Orbiting Trends are used to fund Joie’s Phoenix house and other programs offered by the DMSCC.

What We Accept

Clothing, linens, household items, toys! Sorry, but we cannot accept cribs, car seats, booster seats or large appliances. Anything in usable condition.

three ways to help

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Shop

Orbiting Trends is open Monday through Saturday, 10am-5pm. Donations accepted during operating hours.

Orbiting trends – thrift store

  • Gently used clothing and household goods at affordable prices
  • Centre clients and other community members who are experiencing hardships are often given merchandise
  • On average, we sell 25,500 items per month
  • We give away $550 per month worth of items to those who cannot afford to pay

A Better Way

A Better Way Men’s & Women’s Group is a prevention program that provides participants with the education, skills, and resources required to make the necessary changes in their relationships and to resolve conflicts peacefully. Men’s groups meet separately from any women’s groups. Both partners are encouraged to attend, but this is not a requirement.

Registration is required and a registration fee may apply.

Is This For Me?

  • Do you feel unable to express emotions within your relationship without fear or reprisal?
  • Can you express your thoughts and feelings without being aggressive toward your partner?
  • Do you withhold sex or money from your partner to gain power within your relationship?
  • Do you use the “silent treatment” or threats to gain power within your relationship?
  • Do you regret the things you may have said or done to your partner while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Did you grow up believing that men have to be in charge? Does this gender role create conflict in your relationship?