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The Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre is a not-for-profit which operates a number of programs for the community. With a focus on support for those families going through a crisis; the DMSCC is here to help.

Offering a multitude of programs to help families in need, the DMSCC will also be an advocate when needed, offering support and resources when required.

A Better Way

A Better Way Men’s & Women’s Group is a prevention program that provides participants with the education, skills, and resources required to make the necessary changes in their relationships and to resolve conflicts peacefully. Men’s groups meet separately from any women’s groups. Both partners are encouraged to attend, but this is not a requirement.

Registration is required and a registration fee may apply.

Is This For Me?

  • Do you feel unable to express emotions within your relationship without fear or reprisal?
  • Can you express your thoughts and feelings without being aggressive toward your partner?
  • Do you withhold sex or money from your partner to gain power in the relationship?
  • Do you use the “silent treatment” or threats to gain power within your relationship?
  • Do you regret the things you may have said or done to your partner while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Did you grow up believing that men have to be in charge? Does this gender role create conflict in your relationship?
  • Do your arguments frighten your children? Do you worry that how you act toward your partner will harm your children?
  • Do you have a pattern of violence in your relationship?